Mortgage Brokers – What are they and why should you use one?


Accumulo Lending are Accredited Mortgage Brokers. We act as a go-between between you and your lender, and we help you choose the best lender based on your current situation. We do this by working with you to determine the best structure for your loan and repayment capacity, do the legwork by researching hundreds of lenders, assess interest rates, fees and loan conditions to work out which lenders can offer you the best product for your mortgage needs. We will review options with you and agree on the best approach.

Many banks have different requirements and guidelines for their lending process. It can be very confusing and stressful to work through this process on your own. As your Mortgage Broker we fully manage the application and settlement process on your loan, ensuring that you understand what is happening at each stage of the process.

Mortgage Brokers aren’t just for first home owners. It is very common for your financial situation to change over time – new products are constantly entering the market, you might want to change from fixed to variable or have a combination of both, you may want to access equity which can grow over time or you might want to renovate. Interest rates and government regulations are regularly reviewed.

It is important to ensure that your loan fits your needs as time goes by – and importantly, small changes to your mortgage can make big differences over the term of the loan. Accumulo Lending will support and service your lending needs over time, giving you the benefit of developing a longer-term relationship with your mortgage broker, instead of just being a one-off transaction. Choosing a home loan is a decision that can alter your financial future literally by thousands of dollars. It is important to get it right.

Accumulo Lending offers clients an end-to-end service, helping clients review their budget and cash flow to service and structure your debt and review your mortgage all from the one office. If you are interested in reviewing your situation please contact us.

Calculators & Tools to help you plan

The below calculators can help you assess what level of repayments you may be comfortable making, compare different loans and scenarios, and calculate your borrowing power.

Calculate your loan repayments  – what will your repayments be for different interest rates, loan duration and loan amounts?

Calculate your borrowing power – how much can you comfortably borrow?

What difference will a lump sum make to your overall loan? – Calculate lump sum payments

Compare loans and calculate possible savings using different loans, interest rates, fixed/variable set up, and fees

What you need to know

Accumulo Holdings Pty Ltd (ABN 70 662 238 271), trading as Accumulo Lending is a Credit Representative of Australian Finance Group (ABN 11 066 385 822) ACL 389087. This information does not take your circumstances into account, so read the relevant disclosure documents and consider what’s right for you.